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H I S   T E A M
Pauline BUZZI
Master degree in litigation
Serpil DENIZ
Administrative Assistant
Degree in law
H I S   C A R E E R
After having obtained a master’s in Public Law and a Master in Multimedia Law, Lionel VEST began his career in a music production company, before developing and managing a commercial website for online music, which allowed him to acquire technical and legal skills in the field of Internet and e-commerce.

Admitted to the Bar, he then developed an activity in counsel and litigation.

He is particularly fond of technical matters and is in particular, involved in construction law and IT law, and more generally civil and commercial disputes, in French and English.

Member of the RHENATIC association, which brings together professionals from the world of IT, he also teaches at the University of Strasbourg.

For several years, he has developed a particular expertise in the fiel of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
5 Allée d'Helsinki Schiltigheim Alsace France 67300 ADARIS Google
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