Our activity covers counsel as well as litigation before the Courts.

We assist our clients everywhere in France as well as internationally by using the services of the professional networks that we belong to if necessary.

Our principal areas of expertise are outlined in the menu on the left side

We assist a professional clientele active in the following areas of business:

  list   Real-estate construction and promotion
  list   Agro-foods production and distribution, wine production
  list   Textile manufacturing and distribution
  list   Pharmaceutical and medical sectors
  list   Automobile Distribution, Leisure equipment manufacturers
  list   Computer engineering, Internet and Telecommunications
  list   Hospitality and food service
  list   Services for individuals, social sector
  list   B2B Services
  list   Craftsmen
  list   Arts and entertainment
  list   Transportation

We also assist a clientele of private individuals, more particularly regarding individual rights and Labor law
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