We take action to deal with all the issues typically faced by companies in the course of their business activity, especially:

list  Commercial disputes: amicable or legal settlement of disputes constitutes a large part of our activity. Our objective is to implement the most appropriate means to settle disputes in order to reach quick and satisfactory solutions.

list  Commercial and business regulations: analysis of the compliance of an operation with applicable regulations.

list  Negotiation and drafting of contracts: a good contract is a contract that one doesn’t pull out of a drawer except in the case of difficulties! One just have to reread the provision relating to this type of difficulty to find the applicable solution parties are looking for. All the items characterizing the parties essential and reciprocal engagements should indeed have been covered. To reach this result, good preparation is required, including understanding, negotiating, anticipation and seeking out a fair balance of both parties obligations.

list  Drafting of general terms and conditions of sale or purchase: upstream analysis and understanding of the internal processes specific to the company is indispensable to shape them in compliance with the applicable rules while rationalizing the need for internal processes.

list  Debt recovery : we put into place the most well-suited procedures for the circumstances to quickly recover outstanding debts or to take interim protective measures.
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