The constant evolution and technical nature of labor law requires regular expert’s opinion for the following :

work contract: we draft contracts that are the most appropriate, with regard to the specific features of clients’ business and applicable regulations

assistance to human resources policy: accompanying the development of a company also means leaving nothing to chance regarding human resources, such as : management of work time, training, discipline, modifications to working conditions, illness, accidents... Our objective is to counsel and assist you to avoid risks linked to these events.

management of collective relations: we also take action at all levels of this management, as soon as the company has reached a significant level of development.

employment disputes: we defend our clients before all national jurisdictions dealing with labor law and social issues cover, including criminal courts. It also includes disputes relating to unfair dismissals

management of complex operations: our multi-disciplinary service offering allows us to make experts in each area available to work in tight collaboration with you, especially for complex operations involving significant human resources consequences such as the modification of a legal company form, or the shareholdings of your company, or even the transfer of a branch of the business.
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