We advise and assist entrepreneurs throughout their business life.

choice of legal structure: we are present beginning with choices concerning the legal type and structure of the undertaken business, which may include the incorporation of a company. At this stage, we first seek to understand the purpose of the business, the way the organization has been planned including the business model as well as the applicable legal regulations relating to its activity. We identify the appropriate legal tools and solutions to assist in the implementation and safeguarding of the project.

corporate: we ensure corporate services for companies (general meetings, approval of statutory accounts…) and provide counsel all along the daily business of the clients to assist them in making the most appropriate decisions.

bankruptcy: our assistance is also provided when the company faces financial difficulties. Several systems for resolving them can be considered before the company even goes bankrupt. It will very much depend on the nature and importance of these difficulties. The earlier we get involved, the more we will be able to help.

mergers and acquisitions: companies are sometimes led to being transformed or transferred, which requires specific skills linked to the different techniques concerning transfers that we regularly practice in order to contribute to the success of these operations, which may be very complex and of vital importance, with serious consequences, particularly regarding tax issues.

dispute resolutions: the resolution of internal disputes between associates on one hand or between an associate and the company on the other hand, will be dealt with great care, depending on the situation, by implementing alternative means of dispute resolutions or by taking the appropriate legal action.
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